The Illawarra Hawks are committed to creating and maintaining a safe, enjoyable and family-friendly game-day environment for all club members and spectators. Accordingly, we have adopted the following code of conduct/behaviour for the benefit of members, spectators and the wider basketball community.

The Illawarra Hawks work with the National Basketball League, stadium management, contracted security services and other external agencies to identify offenders, record incidents and take any potential action against offenders, members or spectators who threaten to disrupt, disrespect or otherwise breach this Code of Conduct.

The Illawarra Hawks reserve the right to suspend or cancel memberships, hospitalities, agreements or any tickets without compensation should a member or ticketholder breach this Code of Conduct. Suspensions and cancellations are at the sole discretion of the Illawarra Hawks. Should the offender be a guest of a member or utilising a member’s card, the Illawarra Hawks reserves the right to take action against the member in relation to their membership.

The below Code applies to anyone that attends any of the Illawarra Hawks games, official club functions and other non-game day events held, supported or endorsed by the Illawarra Hawks.

To abide by the Code of Conduct everyone must:

  1. When attending Illawarra Hawks Events:

(a) Conduct themselves towards any other person in ways that are respectful to all, lawful and in the spirit of basketball specifically not to:

(I) use bad language;

(ii) Harass or ridicule players, coaches, officials or other spectators;

(iii) Engage in or endorse any form of threatening conduct, or vilification or abuse on the basis of race, gender, religion, disability or sexuality; and

(iv) Have any acts of violence, disruptive behaviour or use of offensive or abusive language or gestures.

(b) Not do anything or act in a manner which would distract, disrupt or hinder the natural flow the event;

(c) Comply with the terms of entry to the event;

(d) Conduct themselves in a manner that does not damage (or have the potential to damage) the reputation of the Illawarra Hawks, its staff, members or supporters;

(e) Comply with requests from venue staff regarding the operations and emergency procedures of the venue; and

(f) Sit in their allocated ticketed seat and present their tickets and entitlements when requested by the Illawarra Hawks staff or venue staff;

(g) Any merchandise, paraphernalia and/or memorabilia provided by the Club to you are for you to keep, use and enjoy during the event. However, you must ensure that in using the Memorabilia you do not interfere, disrupt, and prohibit any other person’s enjoyment of the event. You are also responsible for any loss or damage suffered by any other person as a result of you using the Memorabilia; and

  1. Not promote, communicate, incite, initiate, and/or respond to any form of conversation, messages or posts that are aimed to:

(a) Attack or be critical of anyone within the Illawarra Hawks including players, coaches, personnel and members;

(b) Attack, criticise or tarnish the name, brand or goodwill of the Illawarra Hawks and/or National Basketball League; or

(c) Bring the game into disrepute.

Consequences of breaching the Code of Conduct

The Illawarra Hawks reserve the right, at its absolute discretion, to restrict, prohibit, block, and ban anyone from participating in:

  1. Any social media controlled by the Illawarra Hawks and/or National Basketball League; and
  2. Any Illawarra Hawks Events


Should they be determined to have breached this Code of Conduct?

In serious, continual or frequent breach of this Code of Conduct, the Illawarra Hawks may also terminate a person’s membership (without refund or compensation) or refuse to sell to a person Illawarra Hawks membership.



In addition to contacting police, the Illawarra Hawks Basketball Club encourages its members and spectators to report any illegal or anti-social behaviour through the following channels:

  • Alerting venue, security or Illawarra Hawks staff on game day of any issues.
  • If after a match, please email our membership department on
  • If at a club events – inform Illawarra Hawks officials at the event.